Join MP4 files with FFmpeg

The simplest ways to get MP4 spans joined.


Some cameras write large video in many MP4 fragments. To use these spans in a video editor or media player you should join them together. The simplest ways are to use FFmpeg or Video Artifact.

Using FFmpeg

To join you should create two files:


A list of MP4 files. Save it as “list.txt” with a content:

file 00001.MP4
file 00002.MP4
file 00003.MP4

Every line of this file must contain a word "file" and a MP4 file name.


A batch file. Save it as “join.bat”:

@echo off
"ffmpeg.exe" -f concat -i "list.txt" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "out.mp4"

Place these files in the same folder with your *.mp4 files and then execute join.bat to get your files joined.

Using Video Artifact

Extended editions of Video Artifact can automatically join MP4 files when importing. They can find all required spans automatically. But a manual joining is required if you use the Basic edition.

Steps to get spans joined are:


Place all MP4 spans to the project folder.


Execute import script related to your camera model from va\import\Generic\camera-manufacturer\camera-model.bat.


Get the result in the src/ folder.